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System Announcements

  • Information about Java 7, Update 51 (Wednesday, January 29, 2014)

    A new release of Java - the browser add-on required for certain Blackboard tools – is available for download. This update addresses serious security vulnerabilities in previous versions which could have permitted unauthorized access to your computer. If you choose to upgrade to Java 7, Update 51 , a complete list of changes in this update may be found in the Release Notes.

    Please note: This upgrade disables the Lightweight Chat utility and the Multiple File Upload tool. Instructors and organization leaders may use "Web Folders" as an alternative to the multiple file upload tool and Elluminate Live! as an alternative to the Lightweight Chat tool. Please see the Blackboard Help site for instructions.

    Removing Older Versions of Java

    You can safely uninstall older versions of Java from your system by using the Java uninstall tool or following the instructions on manually uninstalling Java for Windows.

    Installing Java 7, Update 51

    1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Java website.
    2. Windows users, click the "Windows Offline (32-bit)" link. Mac users, click the "Mac OS X" link.
    3. When prompted,  choose a familiar location on your computer, such as the Downloads folder or your Desktop, and then click the "Save" button to begin the download.
    4. When the download is complete, close all open browser windows and navigate to the location of the installer. Double-click the Java icon to begin setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

    Using Java after the Upgrade

    The first time a Java application is launched after the update, a security prompt will display the name of the application and its publisher. Click the "Run" button to enable the application. Checking the box beside “Always Trust Content from this Publisher” will prevent the security prompt from reappearing every time the application is launched. Legitimate Java applications from trustworthy publishers will always be digitally signed and safe to open. Never open a Java application from an unknown publisher or an unfamiliar website.


    Java security certificate
    Example of a security prompt a user may see while working in Blackboard.

    After installing Java, some web browsers may require you to manually enable the add-on. Instructions for enabling the add-on in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari can be found on the Java Support site; Mozilla Firefox users may find instructions on the Firefox support site.

    For assistance with installing Java, please call the UCIT Help Desk at 513-556-HELP (4357) or toll free from outside Greater Cincinnati at 866-397-3382. Students may also visit the ResNet Service Center on MainStreet for walk-in assistance.

     *Although this notification may include links providing direct access to other Internet resources, Blackboard Support is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in these sites.

  • SafeAssign Maintenance with Service Outage - April 26, 2014 (Wednesday, April 16, 2014)
    The SafeAssign central services will undergo maintenance that requires a service outage on Saturday, April
    26, 2014 10am – 12pm US Eastern (GMT -4). For the first half hour, SafeAssign functionality will not be
    For the remainder of the maintenance window, papers available and an error will be displayed to the user.  
    will not be processed. Papers submitted during this maintenance window will be queued, and reports will be
    delayed until after the maintenance has completed.
    Immediately after this deployment has completed, users will experience a new look and feel on their originality
  • Verify Your Personal Information in Blackboard (Thursday, September 19, 2013)
    Welcome to the University of Cincinnati!  With the start of the new academic year, it is important that you verify your personal information in Blackboard, particularly your email address.  All Blackboard communications are sent to the email address that is listed in your personal information.

    To verify your email address:
    • Click on the Personal Information link under the Tools box on the top left of the My UC page.
    • On the Personal Information page, click on the Edit Personal Information link.
    • Under section 1, enter your UC email address in the Email dialogue box.
    • Click Submit to save the changes to Blackboard.
    Important: Blackboard Support strongly recommends using your UC email address in your Blackboard profile.  UCIT is unable to troubleshoot problems with other free mail services.